How Research Desk is proving a tool of success for advisors?

Since the launch of tool which has potential to perform research and calculations the accuracy of advisors is enhanced in predicting the future returns based on which clients are recommended to invest in most popular schemes. It’s because of the Mutual Fund Software who transformed the pattern of investment and made simpler within few clicks. Even the advisors with less span of experience is dealing efficiently with the clients and uplifting the status of investor’s portfolio.

Research Desk Blog

What is Research Desk?

Research desk is a tool available in Wealth Elite software that enables advisors to perform research on the schemes and stocks based on which recommendation is made to clients for investing funds. The tool has potential to calculate appropriate future returns based on the current cost and inflation rate. Also, the advisors can make comparison among different top schemes to opt the most suitable one for investors.

Key Features:

  • Performs in-depth research on behalf of advisors.

  • Calculates SIP, STP, SWP performance and dividend history.

  • Allows calculations of future returns on SIP, marriage planning, retirement planning etc.

  • Assist in allocation of assets for developing model portfolio.

  • Recommendations for investment in top schemes.

What problems usually advisors face without Research Desk?

  • Advisors find it hard to convince the client for additional investment due to lack of research report and performance history.

  • Showing a detailed comparison between different schemes is not possible.

  • Tracking past performance and pursuing in-depth research on schemes will be difficult.

  • Advisors will be unable to identify future returns through different calculators that are only available in the tool.

  • Without research tool generating model portfolio and factsheets of the scheme is not possible.

How Research desk facilitates in overcoming above stated issues?

  • The top performing schemes are constantly monitored and track record can be shown to investors for reliability.

  • Based on dividend history and comparing different funds recommending a particular scheme becomes easy for the advisors.

  • Different calculators for SIP and other goals assist in identifying estimated future returns which attracts the customer for investment.

  • Advisor can easily make understand to client about a plan through graphical representation showing trend for particular period rather than textual report.

The competitive era demands for change in the firm in order to exist in the industry and work with the leading technology which is capable to generate revenue in any situation. The reason behind the success of many firms is adapting latest technique which boosts the performance for the long run.