Why Goal Tracker is essential for each type of investment?

Usually many investors introduces funds in the market with expectation to earn high returns but due to improper tracking, lack of goal formation and its monitoring the same amounts seems to turn into a loss. The reason is improper management of funds and lack of objectives. In order to earn any desired amount of return each form of investment should be linked with a goal and continuous tracking should be performed. The mutual fund software provides facility of structuring real life goal linked with investment to form systematic strategy and achieve desired return within stipulated time.

Goal Tracker Blog

What is Goal GPS?

Goal GPS act as roadmap for advisors and clients as well to predefine the long term investment objectives along with preparing a standard plan to comply the set goals. The feature helps in setting all sorts of goals whether it is getting a car, child education, holiday planning or house planning and many more.

Features of Goal Tracker:

  • Systematic goal planning is done for future.

  • Well planned strategy is formed after calculating the inflations and future cost.

  • Funds can be mapped and allocated with multiple assets including SIP.

  • New funds can also be mapped as per investors planning.

  • Tracker assists in monitoring the status of investment.

Issues without having investment goals:

  • Issues in generating regular returns over invested funds.

  • No consistent format or pattern of investment.

  • Chances of losing clients due to no updates pertaining to funds progress.

  • Some clients even leave the market at the time of recession because they do not have specific goals.

How Wealth Elite solves above issues:

  • Well structure planning and mapping of funds is possible through different assets along with mutual fund investment.

  • Advisors get facility to set specific objectives for client like, child education, car planning, house planning, retirement planning and more.

  • Regular tracking of goals is performed to ensure the goals are achieved within set span.

  • New funds can be allocated anytime along with existing investment.

Overall an investor dealing in the market of investments is recommended to have mutual fund software for uninterrupted services and availing the benefits of such feature as mentioned in Goal GPS which ease the steps in gaining returns. The feature is must for advisors, distributors and investors for a seamless transactions experience and growing individually.